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Post  Admin on Thu Sep 17, 2009 12:52 pm

Relevancy-please make sure that your post is relevant to the topic you are posting too and please make sure that you are posting in the correct, designated area. This just helps to keep the forum tidy and easy to read.

Enjoy-this forum is intended so users can have a fun, stressless time posting and making friends. If you are getting stressed with the forum or a particular user please logout and come back when you have calmed down and are not so stressed.

Alert Me-if you are having a problem with the forum or a particular user please PM either me or the moderators.

Please be patient with the other users on this forum. If you find yourself getting stressed with someone please address them in a calm and collected manner. If you feel that you need further action or you wish someone else to talk to the said person then please PM me.
Please don't talk in 'txt spk' as this can annoy users.

Offensive Behaviour- I will not tolerate posts which are considered offensive to other users or are generally mean. Respect other people's opinions. Anyone who is thought to be posting in an offensive manner will be PM'd by me. This will be considered your warning. If the behaviour continues you will be immediately banned from the forum.

Arguments- Please don't get into petty bickering or arguments with one particular user. I will not tolerate this. Please talk in a calm and respectable manner. If someone is trying to start an argument with you, please just ignore them. Equally it is off-putting to other users or viewers of the forum.

Safety-please don't give out any personal information on this forum. This forum is open to anyone, meaning that anyone can view this forum without being a member. If you wish someone to have your mobile number, msn address etc please PM them instead.

Please no offensive language. Mild swearing is only acceptable but refrain from using anything other than this. Please respect that there are younger users on this site.

The age limit on this site is 13, anyone who is under this age and registers on this forum, I'm affraid I will have no option but to cancel your user registration.

Breaking any of these terms may result in a possible ban from the site. I have decided to work on a one warning system. Basically meaning that breaking any of these rules we result in me PM'ing you. This is your warning. If you choose not to listen to this warning and carry on regardless then it is an automatic ban.

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